The Garden Craft

There is a craft to gardening, from a beginning farmer, to a horticulturist, to the miracle herbalist.  There are four basic principles: 1. You, 2. Wind, 3. Rain 4. Earth.

You: what are you gonna decide to grow and where are you going to grow it?

Wind: determines how much water you are going to loose to the atmosphere.  ET or evapotranspiration occurs on the surface of the soil and transpiration through the plant as it respires pulling water and nutrients from the soil.

Rain: water is essential to plant growth.  There are many techniques that plants use to achieve this goal.  There are epiphytes that grows off other plants like mistletoe.  There are cacti that uses a lower light frequency to grow at night and conserve water.  And then there are the  giant kelps of Monterey that live in the ocean, filled with water.

Soil: is a basis of where plants can get nutrients to re-energize.  Plants are connected to the earth.  Unlike humans, plants need that connection to grow.  In life this is where the full circle comes back to you.  You need that connection to grow.  The connection to plants to be nourished,  the connection to people to grow.

I am learning various crafts to create a garden in many spaces.  The cycles of gardening has begun.